1. Breakfast is included in the price (85.00 UAH.)
2. Extra bed (with breakfast) – 250.00 UAH.
3. Tourist tax is paid separately – 32.50 UAH. per night for person.
(Decision of the 38th session of the 7th convocation of the Chernihiv city council of 01/31/2019. On amendments and additions to the decision of the city council of 01/30/2015. “On local taxes.”)

Price of conference services

Type of service unite Price (including VAT) UAH
Conference hall an hour / day 250,00/1500,00
Conference hall (small) an hour / day 150,00/850,00
Using of equipment:
Multimedia projector an hour / day 100,00/300,00
A laptop an hour / day 25,00/200,00
Flipchart with markers day 100,00
Paper block for flipchart (10 papers) block 120,00
Mobile screen day 100,00